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The below information provides a description of activities which a Western Australia (WA) licensed land valuers is permitted to perform. If you are a WA licensee visiting another state under AMR, you are only allowed to perform the activities listed below. 

If you need to apply for a WA licence more information is available on the Licensing - land valuers page.

Licence Identifier: LV00 – LV00000

Scope of work

A licensed land valuer carries out business as a land valuer, demanding or receiving commission, reward or other valuable consideration in respect of his service as a valuer of land.

A licensed valuer must comply with the specific duties of a valuer as set out in Part 6 of the Licensed Valuer’s Code of Conduct 2016 which includes, but is not limited to:

  • maintaining a risk management program;
  • retaining documents and information;
  • inspect land in accordance with the Australian valuation industry's accepted principles and practices of valuation;
  • include specific content in a valuation report;
  • annex all instructions received from a client to a report;
  • ascertain legal ownership;
  • comply with the valuation methodology set out in section 26 of the License Valuer’s Code of Conduct 2016.

Specific activities

  • Inspect the property
  • Ascertain legal ownership
  • Conduct comparative research
  • Value residential, commercial, industrial, rural and horticultural properties
  • Issue 'as is' and 'as if complete' valuation reports

WA Requirements

To get a WA licence

  • Must have a prescribed qualification or membership of the Australian Property Institute
  • Must have an Australian Police Check
  • Must have an appropriate level of experience in the valuation of land
  • Must be of person of good character and repute
  • Must pay an application fee

To keep a WA licence

  • Must renew the licence every three years
  • Must comply with Land Valuers Licensing Act 1978, Land Valuers Licensing Regulations 1979 and Licensed Valuers Code of Conduct 2016.
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