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Who needs to complete a reference

  • A business reference is required when applying for a land valuers licence.

Business reference

  • References from relatives/domestic partner, subordinates, business partners or co-directors will not generally be accepted.
  • References should be as detailed as possible but include only information that is relevant to the applicant’s suitability to hold a land valuers licence. Any additional relevant information should be attached.
  • Where Consumer Protection is unable to determine the applicant’s suitability to hold a land valuers licence due to insufficient information being provided in support of the application, the reference will not be accepted.
  • The answers provided should be limited to the person’s character and repute and fitness to hold a licence.
  • The information provided will assist the Commissioner for Consumer Protection in determining whether an individual is of good character and repute, and a fit and proper person to, pursuant to section 19 of the Land Valuers Licensing Act 1978.
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