Linking (adding) an association

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To be able to manage the information about your association and lodge applications every AssociationsOnline user needs to be linked to their association. A user may choose to be linked as a primary or authorised user. There are no restrictions on how many associations a user may be linked to.

If you have already created your AssociationsOnline user account, follow the steps below to link to an incorporated association.
For assistance with creating your AssociationsOnline account, please refer to the help section.

  1. After logging in, click Add an existing association.
  2. Enter the name (or if known the IARN) for the association you want to link to then click Search
  3. Find and select your association from the displayed search results by clicking on its name. Once selected the associations information along with the number of already linked users will be displayed below the search results table.
  4. Select the type of role (primary or authorised) user your user account will have. Both role types enable users to lodge applications; however the primary user has the ability to approve/decline other users requests.
  5. Tick the Accept the declaration box then click the Go button.
Adding an association - step by step image
Adding an association - step by step image, by AssociationsOnline
Linking an association - step by step image, by AssociationsOnline


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