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Licence holders

In 2019 WorkSafe Western Australia, together with Dial Before You Dig and the Health Department held information sessions aimed at demolition licence holders, with a focus on:

  • the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, in particular the requirement to comply with Australian Standard 2601 – 2001 ‘Demolition of Structures’;
  • Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) Demolition Licence holder audit process and general licence holder responsibilities;
  • the importance of prompt identification of underground and overhead services and the timely disconnection of utility services when it comes to demolitions; and
  • the ROAD TO REUSE project and the ease with which a recycling project can be de-railed if incorrect asbestos management occurs during the demolition process.


  • Chris Kirwin, Director of WorkSafe Industrial and Regional;
  • Denise Rowling, Principal Audit and Special Investigations Officer;
  • Pierina Otness, Senior Toxicologist, Department of Health; and
  • Justin Scotchbrook, State Manager, DIAL Before You Dig.

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