Managing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in mining and mineral processing

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This information should be used by anyone engaged in mining operations in Western Australia that involve or have the potential to involve naturally occurring radioactive material. This includes exploration, mining and mineral processing.

Work is being undertaken by the department to review these documents, the Guide NORM V Dose assessment is the first section of the Managing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in mining and mineral processing to be updated.  

NORM-1     Applying the system of radiation protection to mining operations
NORM-2    Radiation management plan
NORM-3.1  Monitoring NORM – pre-operational monitoring requirements
NORM-3.2  Monitoring NORM – operational monitoring requirements 
NORM-3.3  Monitoring NORM – air monitoring strategies
NORM-3.4  Monitoring NORM – airborne radioactivity sampling
NORM-3.5  Monitoring NORM – measurement of particle size 
NORM-4.1  Controlling NORM - dust control strategies
NORM-4.2  Controlling NORM – management of radioactive waste
NORM-4.3  Controlling NORM – transport
NORM-V    Dose assessment
NORM-6    Reporting requirements
NORM-7    Boswell – assessment and reporting database


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Last updated 15 Apr 2024

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