Manual tasks - Risk management - Construction Industry

Manual task injuries remain one of the largest single causes of injury in the construction industry. These injuries not only cause pain and suffering to the injured worker and their families but also a loss of experience, skills and productivity in the industry.

WorkSafe has developed a series of fact sheets specifically for the construction industry to highlight the risks and provide solutions to help prevent injury.  Fact sheets have been developed for topics generic across all construction work as well as specific material for plumbers and electricians. Additional fact sheets for other trades in the construction industry are currently being developed.

  • Manual tasks - types of injuries
  • Manual tasks - risk management
  • Manual tasks - risk control 
  • Manual tasks - risk control examples
  • Manual tasks - risk factors
  • Manual tasks - hazardous manual tasks - physical risk factors
  • Manual tasks - hazardous manual tasks - psychological risk factors
  • Manual tasks - information and training
  • Manual tasks - actions and postures
  • Manual tasks - forces and loads
  • Manual tasks - working environment
  • Manual tasks - systems of work, work organisation and work practices
  • Manual tasks - portable power tools
  • Manual tasks - hand tools




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Last updated 10 Aug 2021

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