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Formal advice on Decision Regulatory Impact Statement

Motor vehicle consignment sales reform

Thank you for providing the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) on the proposed reforms to Motor Vehicle Consignment Sales. The Better Regulation Unit (BRU) notes that the proposal seeks to provide improved protection for consumers while maintaining the commercial viability of the motor vehicle dealing industry. 

The DRIS clearly demonstrates justification for reform and acknowledges the feedback from stakeholders by adjusting the conditions of the preferred option. Objectives of the reform are maintained through improvements to training of motor vehicle dealership staff, a new prescribed category of dealer's licence and amending the licensing and registration provisions to include additional criteria relating to an applicant's associates to provide additional consumer protections. 

The BRU acknowledges application of the Better Regulation Principles and, based on the information provided, considers that the DRIS is consistent with the assessment expectations for regulatory proposals under the Better Regulation Program. 

The BRU notes that Consumer Protection will coordinate the drafting of the necessary amendments to the legislation to create a separate category of motor vehicle dealer's licence for the consignment sale of vehicles and will liaise with the providers of dealer licensing training courses to update course content. 

When the regulatory decision is made public, please ensure the ORIS and this advice is made available on your website and a copy provided to the BRU for the Treasury website. Please contact the BRU if any significant changes are made. 

Please quote RG 1782 in any future correspondence and reporting on this proposal. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Sandra Goodwin on 6551 4777. Alternatively, you can email the BRU at

Andrew Dolling
Economic Policy
10 December 2021

Consumer Protection
Last updated 29 Apr 2022

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