Moving in with your family - Multigenerational living and 'granny flat' arrangements

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  • Multigenerational living: what is it?
  • The big picture: what type of living arrangement do you want?
    • Granny flat
    • Your home for life - the granny flat interest/right
    • The granny flat interest/right exceptions
    • Co-purchased property
  • Getting personal: what do you really need?
  • Hard chat: having open and honest discussions with your family
  • Protect your interests: the value of independent legal and financial advice
    • Legal advice
    • Financial advice
  • It is OK to say no: when one size doesn’t fit all
  • Get it in writing: formalising your agreement
  • Plan now: preparing for the future
  • Meet and greet: regular meetings promote shared understandings
  • Contacts and more information
  • Appendix A: Important points to consider
  • Appendix B: Future scenarios and conversation starters
  • Appendix C: Legal and financial discussion points
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Last updated 12 Jan 2021

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