My dardy car - audio series

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Buying and keeping your car

Buying a car is one of the biggest things you will do other than buying a house, but how you get the right car for you isn't always easy.  There’s some things you’ll need to know to get your dardy car. 

The “My Dardy Car” radio series are personal stories and advice from experts about buying and keeping a car.  It includes the views of a number of Indigenous consumers plus advice from a car mechanic, car dealer, ‘bush’ mechanic and experienced Consumer Protection staff.  Their stories cover:

  1. Organising my money to buy a car 11:07 (mp3 10 MB);
  2. Shopping around for my Dardy car 10:45 (mp3 9.8 MB);
  3. Making a deal & signing a contract 10:25 (mp3 9.5 MB);
  4. Hidden costs & when to complain to Consumer Protection 9:58 (mp3 9 MB);
  5. Looking after my Dardy car 9:27 (mp3 8.7 MB);
  6. Finding a mechanic to repair my car 8:52 (mp3 8.1 MB);
  7. My rights when getting my Dardy car fixed 7:15 (mp3 6.7 MB); and
  8. Getting help from Consumer Protection 10:37 (mp3 9.8 MB).


Consumer Protection
Last updated 30 Jun 2022

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