New strata options for Western Australia - Landlords bulletin 56

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2 September 2021

New strata options for Western Australia

As part of strata reforms in recent years, the Community Titles Act 2018 (WA) (CT Act) came into effect on 30 June 2021. To accommodate the new laws, minor changes have been made to existing tenancy laws.

What is a community scheme?

The new laws introduce a community scheme as a new form of land tenure in Western Australia. A community scheme allows a parcel of freehold land to be subdivided in a way that creates several individual schemes. This differs to the usual strata laws which only allow for the creation of one scheme for each parcel of land.

Community schemes will offer:

  • the ability to subdivide land and buildings in the one scheme;
  • provide fairer and more flexible governance and common property management options; and
  • the ability to share infrastructure between schemes.

What has changed for me?

The minor changes to the tenancy laws and regulations include the insertion of community title related terms, as well as references to the CT Act.

This may also affect you in relation to the documentation that you, as the landlord, need to provide to a tenant. These documents include the updated Residential Tenancy Agreement (Form 1AA), Non-written Residential Tenancy Agreement (Form 1AD) or any community title scheme by-laws applicable to the rental property.

More information

More information about community titles, including managing a scheme and buying or selling a lot, is available on the Landgate strata reform page.

If you have any queries about community titles, please contact the Landgate strata enquiry line on 9273 7047 or by email Landgate customer service.

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