Noise management: Sander/linisher

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This information is made available to assist in the management of noise from sanders or linishers. 


  • Ensure that the sander/linisher is bolted down firmly and that all belt covers and associated parts are secure. Belt drives and main bearings should be inspected for wear and replaced if necessary. 
  • Damaged sanding discs or belts should be replaced promptly as these will influence the noise levels. 

Noise control

  • Sander/linishers are not normally a problem in terms of noise. Plastics used on sander/linishers can raise the noise level. 

Operator control

  • Use the correct grade sandpaper for the work being performed. Do not force the work into the sandpaper. If this is the case it means that you are using the wrong grade paper on the machine. When using the disc sander, hold the work down firmly against the bed of the machine to stop the work vibrating (chattering). 


  • Hand sanding is the quieter alternative to using a sander/linisher. 
  • Work should be planned so as little sanding as possible is necessary. 

Adapted from the Noise Control Manual for Schools with the permission of the Education Department of Western Australia.


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