Nomination form - Park liaison committee

This form can be used to nominate a long-stay tenant representative on a park liaison committee. You can copy and paste this content to create your own form. 

In order to accept the nomination the long-stay tenant must not be a relative or close associate of the park operator.



(insert name of nominator)


(insert address)

wish to nominate

(insert name of nominee)

to be elected as a long-stay tenant representative on the park liaison committee at

(insert name of park)


(signature of nominator)                                                             (insert date of nomination)

Acceptance of nomination


(insert name of nominee)


(insert address of nominee)

accept the nomination and am prepared to serve as a long-stay tenant representative on the above-named park liaison committee


(signature of nominee)                                                                           (insert date nominated accepted)

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Last updated 03 Feb 2022

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