Notification of commencement of trading - Real Estate and Settlement agent Triennial Certificate holders

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Notification of Commencement of Trading: Real Estate Agent and Settlement Agent Triennial Certificate Holders
This form is used to notify the Commissioner for Consumer Protection of various matters under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act and the Settlements Agents Act when you are commencing to trade as an agent. 
The form must be completed when a licensee who hasn't been trading is going to commence trading. There is no charge associated with completing and submitting this form. It is relevant for both existing licensees, who may have stopped trading for various reasons, as well as new applicants. 

Please Note:  The CP Licensing Branch is reviewing the application for real estate and business agents licence form, the application for renewal of a triennial certificate form, the application for registration as a real estate and business sales representative form, and the application for renewal of a certificate of registration as a real estate and business sales representative with a view to updating the section relating to an applicant’s statutory declaration and witness signature following the commencement of Part 4 of the Licencing Provisions Amendment Act 2016. The accompanying referees’ templates are also being reviewed.

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Last updated 29 Jun 2017

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