Notification of lead risk work and removal of worker from lead work

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This form is to be used to notify WorkSafe of lead risk work and removal from lead risk work in accordance with work health and safety regulations, in the following circumstances:

  • If a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) at a workplace determines that work at the workplace is lead risk work, the person must submit this form within 7 days;
  • If an emergency service organisation (ESO) determines that work is lead risk work, in relation to work carried out by an emergency service worker who, at the direction of the emergency service organisation, is:
    • Rescuing a person, or
    • Providing first aid to a person,

then the emergency service organisation must submit this form as soon as practicable thereafter;

  • If there is a change to a lead risk work notification then the PCBU must submit this form before the change, or as soon as practicable after the PCBU becomes aware of the change.

In assessing whether a task in a lead process is considered lead risk work a PCBU or ESO must have regard to:

  1. past biological monitoring results of workers;
  2. airborne lead levels;
  3. the form of lead used;
  4. the tasks and processes required to be undertaken with lead;
  5. the likely duration and frequency of exposure to lead;
  6. possible routes of exposure to lead; and
  7. any information about incidents, illnesses or diseases in relation to the use of lead at the workplace.

When assessing a lead process to identify lead risk work, the effect of using personal protective equipment on the health and safety of workers at the workplace must not be taken into consideration.

If a PCBU at a workplace is unable to determine whether lead risk work is carried out in a lead process at the workplace, the process is taken to include lead risk work until the person determines that lead risk work is not carried out in the process.

In instances where a worker is removed from lead risk work the PCBU must notify the regulator as soon as practicable.

A PCBU must ensure that workers undertaking lead risk work are provided with health monitoring conducted by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

A PCBU must immediately remove the worker from carrying out lead risk work if the health monitoring results of the worker shows that the worker’s blood lead level is, or is more than —

  • for workers who are not females of reproductive capacity and males — 30μg/dL (1.45μmol/L); or
  • for females of reproductive capacity — 10μg/dL (0.48μmol/L); or
  • the registered medical practitioner who supervised the health monitoring recommends that the worker be removed from carrying out the lead risk work; or

Submitting form

The completed notification form is to be submitted either via email to:

Or via post to:


WorkSafe Service Industries and Specialists

Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Locked Bag 100, EAST PERTH WA 6892

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Last updated 04 Dec 2023

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