Park Liaison Committees - Commissioner's guidelines

It is recommended that the park operator and long-stay tenants read these guidelines before establishing a Park Liaison Committee.

Topics include:

  1. Establishment of a Park Liaison Committee
  2. Purpose of the Commissioner’s guidelines
  3. Functions of the Park Liaison Committee
  4. Membership of the Park Liaison Committee
  5. Recipe for an effective Park Liaison Committee - the New South Wales experience
  6. Electing tenant representatives to the Park Liaison Committee – matters to consider
    1. Eligibility
    2. Method of electing tenant representatives
    3. Number of tenant representatives 
    4. Calling for nominations
    5. Voting system 
    6. Calling a meeting
    7. Quorum for meeting
    8. Appointment of proxies for selection of tenant representatives
    9. Voting process
    10. Notification of membership of the PLC
    11. Term of office on a Park Liaison Committee
    12. Future elections
  7. Procedures of a Park Liaison Committee
    1. Election of office holders
    2. Calling of meetings
    3. Notice of meeting.
    4. Conduct of meetings
    5. Role of tenant representatives
    6. Dealing with disputes
  8. Formation of Residents’ Committees
    1. Electing representatives for a Residents’ Committee
    2. Procedures of Residents’ Committees
  9. Training of tenant representatives
  10. Useful contacts
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Last updated 17 Feb 2020

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