Parkerville bushfire - 12 January 2014

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EnergySafety carried out an investigation into the cause of the bushfire in Parkerville and determined that the cause of the fire was a fallen private power pole that ignited ground vegetation.  The pole failed because of damage caused by termites and fungal decay (rot).

Volume 1 of the report is available for download above.

Volume 2 contains high resolution images and videos resulting in a very large digital folder.  Due to its size, there are two options for ordering this volume:

  • Option 1 - A new packaged portable hard drive or thumb drive (minimum 128GB) can be provided to EnergySafety's offices and Volume 2 will be uploaded to this device.  
  • Option 2 - EnergySafety can provide a 128GB thumb drive with Volume 2 loaded at the cost of $200 payable by credit card.  

Please contact Candace Beilby (08) 6251 1930 to discuss these options or place an order.

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