Pay rates for cafe and restaurant staff - campaign information

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This publication applies to cafés or restaurant businesses in the state industrial relations system where the business operates as:

  • sole traders (e.g. Jane Smith trading as Jane’s Café)
  • unincorporated partnerships (e.g. Jane and Bob Smith trading as Jane’s Café)
  • unincorporated trust arrangements (e.g. Jane and Bob Smith as trustees for the Smith Family Trust trading as Jane’s Café).

This publication does not cover cafés or restaurant businesses in the national industrial relations system where the business operates as:

  • Pty Ltd businesses that are trading or financial corporations (e.g. Smith Pty Ltd trading as Jane’s Café)
  • incorporated associations and other not-for-profit bodies (that are trading or financial corporations)

The information within the publication includes obligations for cafe and restaurant business owners on:

  • Minimum pay rates for staff
  • Key employment obligations
  • Leave obligations
  • Restrictions on employment of children under 15 years of age in cafés and restaurants
  • Employment records


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Last updated 01 Nov 2021

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