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Building and Energy receives complaints from consumers about faulty building and plumbing work. These matters can be resolved quickly through discussion with the contractor and this must be considered in the first instance.  If the rectification of plumbing work may also require a building service, such as lifting and reinstallation of paving, tiling or painting, consumers will need to consider lodging a building service complaint. Such plumbing disputes involving other building services can be lodged at the following link: Building service and home building work contract complaints.

If only plumbing work is in dispute, the plumbing work was completed within the last six years, is not of a contractual or monetary nature and the plumber has failed to rectify the plumbing work, a complaint may be lodged using the Plumbing complaint form.

Note: Information for owners of new homes with polybutylene plumbing pipes can be found at this link.

Contractual complaints

Do not use the Plumbing complaint form if your complaint is of a contractual nature, such as a monetary dispute or other contractual issue.

For contractual complaints you may contact Consumer Protection to discuss their dispute resolution options. 

They have published a Consumer complaint checklist and can be contacted on 1300 304 054 or at

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