Pre-estimated liquidated damages (PELD)

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From 1 January 2022, the maximum amount of pre-estimated liquidated damages (PELD) that a motor vehicle dealer may charge is five per cent.

Dealers should not be asking for this amount as a default position. 

The cancellation cost has to be a genuine and reasonable assessment of likely losses as a result of the deal not proceeding.

A consumer is entitled to receive their full deposit back and should not be charged any pre-estimated liquidated damages if:

  • The contract is broken because the dealer has breached their obligations.
  • The consumer withdrew their offer before the dealer accepted.
  • The consumer cannot meet their contractual obligations despite taking all reasonable steps to do so.

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PELD flyer (Dealer)
PELD flyer (Dealer), by Motor vehicles


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Last updated 02 Feb 2022

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