Pre-paid funeral CRIS 2011

This publication is for: 

Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement and Discussion paper. 

Proposal for the regulation of pre-paid funerals.

December 2011 (now closed)

A previous consultation process conducted in 2006 resulted in a 2007 Final Report, which forms the basis of this Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (C-RIS). 

The five options proposed in this C-RIS are:

  • Option 1: Maintain status quo.
  • Option 2: Introduce a Code of Practice under the Fair Trading Act 2010 (FTA 2010) to implement the recommendations of the 2007 Final Report.
  • Option 3: Introduce a Code of Practice under the FTA 2010 combining the recommendations and the AFDA requirements.
  • Option 4: Amend the informal Funeral Directors Code of Conduct applied by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.
  • Option 5: Introduce specific legislation for prepaid funerals.
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