Prescribed electrical appliances register

Register of prescribed electrical appliances

This register, published by the Director of Energy Safety in accordance with regulation 337(1)(a) of the Electricity Regulations 1947, identifies those electrical appliances that have been prescribed by the Director in a notice published in the Government Gazette under section 33B(1A) of the Electricity Act 1945. Prescribed electrical appliances must not be sold, hired or exposed for sale or hire or advertised for sale or hire unles the electrical appliance of that class or type is approved by the Director and is stamped or labelled if and as prescribed in the regulations. Refer to the register of approved electrical appliances for information about appliances that may be sold or hired.

Register of prescribed electrical appliances
Ref  Description of prescribed electrical appliance Government Gazette notice details

All electrical appliances of  class in-scope Level 3 low-voltage listed in Table B.4 of Appendix B in AS/NZS 4417.2.2020 - Regulatory compliance mark for electrical and electronic equipment: Specific requirements for particular regulatory applications.

Electricity (Prescribed Appliances) Notice 2021 published in Gazette No. 99 on 8 June 2021 at pages 2019 and 2020.

This revokes the Electricity (Prescribed appliances and published specifications) Notice 2016.


Government Gazette No. 99 may be accessed here

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