Procedure for appealing against an Inspector's Order issued by an Inspector (Electricity)

The following steps are recommended if you wish to appeal against an Inspector's Order issued to you by an Inspector (Electricity).

Step one

Contact the issuing inspector to clarify the issue identified in the Order, including what is required to comply with the identified requirements.  The contact details for the issuing inspector will be found on the Order.

If the issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the issuing inspector, request the name and contact details of the inspector's supervisor then proceed to step two.

Step two

Contact the inspector's supervisor with:

  • the details of the Inspector's Order;
  • the steps you have taken to resolve the issue with the issuing inspector; and
  • your specific issue of concern.

If the issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, then proceed to step three.

Step three

Complete the Notice of Appeal against an Inspector's Order (Electricity) form (see second page of above document) and submit it to Building and Energy.

When your completed form is received, Building and Energy will send you a letter confirming the commencement of an investigation into the issue.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the Director of Energy Safety may confirm, cancel or vary the Inspector's Order.  You will receive a letter from the Director of Energy Safety informing you of the outcome of the investigation. This decision is final and binding on all parties.

To obtain further copies of the appeal form, you can:

  • photocopy the form (see second page of the above document);
  • download it from our website; or
  • call Building and Energy on 6251 1900.


  1. This process is recommended to efficiently resolve disputes raised by an Inspector's Order.
  2. This process does not preclude lodging an appeal directly with the Director of Energy Safety.
  3. Matters regarding administrative requirements of a network operator such as:
    1. categorisation of defects; or
    2. fees payable

are not reviewable by Building and Energy.


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Last updated 30 Jul 2019

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