Prohibited persons exemption application - Retirement villages

Further information is available in the Exemption certificates under section 77C of the Retirement Villages Act - Guidelines for applicants

Who can apply for an exemption certificate?

An exemption certificate may be sought by prohibited persons who are already involved in administering a particular village and by persons who propose to become involved in administering a village after the provisions commence.

Exemption certificates may be granted by the Commissioner subject to conditions and limitations specified in the certificate and may be revoked by written notice. If a person is granted an exemption certificate and subsequently becomes a person to whom section 76 further applies, by the occurrence of a bankruptcy, conviction, disqualification, winding up or other matter relevant to section 76, the exemption certificate will be immediately cancelled

How do I apply for an exemption certificate?

If you wish to apply for an exemption certificate, you must:

  • complete and sign the form
  • attach all documents required by the form (e.g. evidence of your duties and responsibilities in relation to the retirement village);
  • provide details of reasons for seeking exemption;
  • Provide a National Police check (if required); and 
  • pay the application fee (please note the fee is non-refundable)

Your application cannot be assessed unless ALL sections are completed and ALL information is provided.

During the process of assessing your application, the Department may request further or additional information from you. 

Lodging your application

The application fee/s is payable at the time of lodging this application.

The fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • relevant fees; 
  • other licensing forms; and 
  • how to contact us
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