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7 August 2015

The Department of Commerce (the Department) would like to advise settlement agents of an increase in the information contained within the Property Interest Report (PIR) issued by Landgate.

Typically there are many factors that a buyer considers when purchasing a property. Some of these relate to the future plans or restrictions to a property, which are known as interests and are contained within the PIR.

The PIR now provides information for 68 interests, restrictions or responsibilities that are not listed on the Certificate of Title but may affect an owner’s use or enjoyment of land. The number of listed interests will continue to increase over time.

All properties are checked for interests. Different locations will have higher occurrences of some interests than other areas. For example, properties in the Perth hills area may be subject to exploration licences and native vegetation restrictions. In older areas of Perth, properties may be heritage-listed or affected by local planning schemes such as plans to widen roads.

In the last six months, the following interests have been added to the PIR:

  • ‘Western Power Infrastructure’ – which identifies if a property is impacted by Western Power’s above and below ground electrical infrastructure.
  • ‘Intensive Agricultural Industries’ – which advises if a property is affected by noise and smells of certain agricultural activities, such as abattoirs, piggeries and tanneries.
  • ‘ATCO Gas Australia Infrastructure’ – which recognises properties that are impacted by proximity to underground high pressure gas pipelines that may in turn imply building constraints.
  • ‘Perth Airport – Aircraft Noise’ – which identifies how many aircraft events over 65 decibels can be expected near a property in one day.

More information about the PIR, a list of interests currently available in the report and an Interest Dictionary where agents can learn more about Western Australian property interests can be found on the Landgate website. There is also an option to request a supply of PIR brochures, delivered to your office.

Further information in relation to PIRs can be viewed within bulletin issue 35.

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