Proposed reforms to retirement villages legislation in WA - Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement 3 - Clarifying when the Retirement Villages Act 1992 (WA) applies

Update on the retirement village legislation reform process

Submissions to all Consultation Regulatory Impact Statements (CRIS) are now closed.

We would like to thank all stakeholders who provided feedback during the consultation period of the retirement village reform process. You can view the CRIS 1-4 papers on the Retirement village law reforms 2019 - 2021 website page. 

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Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement 3 (CRIS 3) is the third in a series of consultation papers regarding the implementation of the remaining Statutory Review of Retirement Villages Legislation, Final Report, 2010 (Final Report) recommendations for reform of retirement villages legislation in WA.

This phase of the consultation sought views about how the Retirement Villages Act 1992 (WA) (the Act) applies.

CRIS 3 covers the following issues: 

  • Part 12 sets out that the Act applies when a particular financial model is used to provide retirement accommodation and explains the basis for determining when the Act applies.
  • Part 13 deals with helping consumers identify a retirement village regulated by retirement villages legislation. It proposes not implementing Final Report recommendation 86, and contains options for the implementation of recommendation 93 by creating a public register.
  • Part 14 looks at the concepts of the retirement village scheme, and residence contracts and asks whether further information about how the village operates should be provided to residents.
  • Part 15 looks at how the RV Act should apply to multi-site villages.
  • Part 16 deals with implementing Final Report recommendations 31 and 87 relating to the protection of premiums paid by residents.
  • Part 17 deals with the emerging issues of rent paying residents and sub-letting in retirement villages.

Submissions closed Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Downloads and resources

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