Report on retirement villages consultation published - what you told us / what we learnt - Retirement villages bulletin issue 19

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2 August 2022

Report on retirement villages consultation published - what you told us / what we learnt

Over the past couple of years the retirement village laws in Western Australia (WA) have been extensively reviewed. 

A Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) has now been published  recommending amendments to the Retirement Villages Act 1997 (WA). The DRIS addresses five overarching categories for reform:

  1. information disclosure

  2. exit entitlements

  3. life in the village

  4. village land

  5. village changes.

Three reports are now publicly available to support reform of the retirement village laws in WA:

  • DRIS full report – provides a full analysis of reform options and makes recommendations for change 

  • DRIS summary – provides a condensed version of the feedback received and the key recommendations

  • West Australian Treasury Corporation report – analyses the financial impact on retirement village operators of proposed reforms to the retirement village laws.

A bill containing the proposed amendments to the RV laws will be prepared for introduction into Parliament. Further targeted consultation will occur during this process.

Any future opportunities for feedback will be publicised via this newsletter group.

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