Retirement Village DRIS Better Regulation Unit Certificate

Retirement Village Reform - Formal advice on Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS)

Thank you for your email of 13 December 2021 which provided the final Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) for stage 2 of proposed reforms to Western Australia's retirement village legislation. The DRIS's recommendations cover the key areas of information disclosure, exit entitlements, life in the village, village land and village changes. 

The DRIS explains the need for the reforms, outlines the options and indicates that there has been genuine engagement with stakeholders' views in the development of the proposed provisions. Based on the information provided, the DRIS meets the objectives of the Government's Better Regulation Program. 

Please ensure this advice is made publicly available on your website following Cabinet's decision on the proposal. 

Please contact the BRU if any significant changes are made to the proposals. The reference RG1731 should be quoted in all future correspondence and compliance reporting. 

This letter should be retained as a record of the BRU's advice. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Bruce Horwood on 6551 2797 or email the BRU at

Andrew Dolling
Economic Policy

12 December 2021

Consumer Protection
Last updated 02 Aug 2022

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