Retirement villages Forms 1, 1A and 2

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Retirement village owner / operator

A prospective resident for a retirement village must be given a disclosure statement and a notice of resident’s rights at least 10 working days before the person enters into a residence contract at the village.

Form 1 or 1A - disclosure statements

The disclosure form they are given depends on the length of their tenancy.

  • Form 1 is to be used for a prospective resident when
    • the residence contract is for more than 12 months  and
    • there is a requirement to make an up-front payment to the retirement village  of more than $1,500
  • Form 1A is to be used for a prospective resident considering a short term lease of 12 months or less.   


Form 2 - notice of rights

Form 2 sets out the rights of a resident entering into contract to live in a retirement village.

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