Review of Western Power's Compliance with Order No. 01-2009

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In September 2009, to ensure Western Power addressed the urgent safety risks associated with its aging wood pole system, EnergySafety issued Order No. 01-2009 (the Order), under Section 18B of the Energy Coordination Act 1994. The Order required specified corrective steps to be completed by set dates. It was a necessary step to stimulate a more adequate response from Western Power in addressing the urgent safety risks arising from its aged wood pole assets.

EnergySafety has completed a review of Western Power’s compliance with the Order and has found that the principal public safety objectives set out in the Order have been achieved. The Director of Energy Safety therefore is satisfied that Western Power has complied with the Order as at 31 December 2015.

The report summarising the findings of the review can be downloaded on the above link.


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