RTA review fact sheet - Landlord disclosure


Consultation status: CLOSED

Submissions closed at 5pm on 30 June 2020. 

Should a landlord have to give certain information to a tenant before a tenancy agreement is signed?

Possible options

  • Educate applicant tenants to ask the right questions before they sign a tenancy agreement.
  • Require a landlord to tell an applicant tenant certain things about the property, such as any intentions to sell it in the next 12 months or whether it contains asbestos.
  • Consumer Protection to maintain, and make publicly available, a database of landlords who have been proven not to comply with the tenancy laws.

Tell us what you think...

  • Can a tenant access all of the information they need about a possible rental simply by asking the right questions or purchasing a property inspection report? Why or why not?
  • What information should a landlord be required to tell a person applying for a rental? Why?
  • Should a public database of landlords who have proven not to comply with tenancy laws be available? Why or why not?


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Last updated 01 Jul 2020

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