Safe Work Month 2023 - Campaign kit

Safe Work Month campaign materials have been created for workplaces to download and use to promote and raise awareness for Safe Work Month.  

Safe Work Month 2023 - Twitter
Safe Work Month 2023 - Twitter, by Department of Mines, Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety - Worksafe
Safe Work Month 2023


Email signatures

Desktop wall paper

Display Safe Work Month desktop wallpaper on your organisation's workstations to promote Safe Work Month.

Customise a poster

Download and customise a poster for your workplace

Email banners

Download an Email banner to display your organisations commitment to Safe Work Month

Social media

Download and use our social media tiles to promote Safe Work Month:


Safe Work Australia resources

Safe Work Australia provides SafeTea resources to plan and host a SafeTea event in your workpace during National Safe Work Month.

Safe Work Australia SafeTea resources Click here to download Safe Work Australia SafeTea resources


Last updated 08 Sep 2023

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