Safety alert 01/2012 - Guarding for powered bin tippers

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A worker suffered a severe crush injury to their hand while operating a powered bin tipper.

The worker’s hand was crushed between the hopper frame and the bin tipper while the tipper was being lowered.

Contributing factors

Workers were able to access the crush zone where the tipper came to rest on the frame because a guard was not fitted. 

Limited risk assessments had been conducted on the plant and machinery being operated at the workplace.

There were no documented procedures for operating the tipper.

Action required  

  1. Ensure that hazardous parts of bin tippers are adequately guarded in accordance with Regulation 4.29 to prevent injury to operators or persons in the vicinity.
  2. Ensure that risk assessments are carried out on all plant and machinery operated in the workplace to identify, assess and control all hazards to which people are likely to be exposed to. 
  3. Safe systems of work should be developed and all operators should be trained in the operation of the plant or equipment they are using. 

Further information 

  • Information on safe guarding of machinery and plant can be obtained from WorkSafe’s website
  • Further information regarding the plant and machinery operated in your workplace can be obtained from operating manuals or from the manufacturer.

This Alert contains safety information following inquiries made by WorkSafe about an incident or unsafe practice. The information contained in this Alert does not necessarily include the outcome of WorkSafe’s action with respect to an incident. WorkSafe does not warrant the information in this Alert is complete or up to date and does not accept any liability to any person for the information in this report or as to its use.

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