Safety alert 05/2018 - Worker receives multiple foot fractures after exiting forklift

An operator dismounted the reach truck forklift he was driving, while the plant was still moving. He tripped forward towards the ground, breaking his fall by extending both hands out in front.

As the operator was on the ground, the reach truck forklift continued rolling forward onto his left foot, causing multiple fractures.

Around a quarter of all forklift related injuries occur when an operator is getting on or off the forklift.

Contributing factors

  • Exiting mobile plant while it was still in motion and without waiting for the plant to completely stop
  • Exiting mobile plant in a forward motion, facing the direction of exit instead of exiting by stepping backward in accordance with available guidelines 
  • Not maintaining three points of contact when exiting the mobile plant
  • Loose safety boots may have caused the operator to trip and fall forward

Managing hazards and risks

  • Stop mobile plant fully before exiting
  • Maintain three points of contact when getting in or out of mobile plant
  • Ensure operators of mobile plant are trained in the correct method of getting in and out of mobile plant
  • Ensure safe operating procedures include the correct methods of getting in and out of mobile plant
  • Ensure work boots are firmly fitted and laced-up

Further information

  • Guide - Forklift Safety
  • Further information can be obtained from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety
  • For information on occupational safety and health laws, call 1300 307 877


Last updated 22 Jun 2018

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