Safety alert 06/2009 - Elevated work platform operator seriously injured

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An abrasive blaster operating an elevated work platform (EWP) was working at height manoeuvring the basket of the machine within the framework of a large steel structure.  During the manoeuvre the operator was seriously injured when he was trapped and crushed between the framework of the basket and a structural member.

Factors to consider

  • This is the second such incident within recent months. 
  • EWP operators and occupants may be subject to collision hazards when the EWP is operating close to adjacent structures.
  • When operating at height, the EWP response to hand control commands - including the release of joysticks - may involve considerable delays.
  • To avoid collision hazards when working near adjacent structures, an operator must understand the function and response characteristics of all controls for the machine in use.
  • Careful planning of tasks and good communication between operators and occupants are essential to avoid collision injuries. 


  • EWP operators should avoid difficult-to-access locations within structures. 
  • If an EWP is operated in a restricted location, the occupants should make themselves aware of their surroundings, plan work carefully and keep their body parts within the protection of the basket framework.
  • To prevent accidental activation of controls, the foot switch should never be overridden or depressed before the operator intends to use a control function.
  • When attempting to stop a movement quickly, the release of the foot switch may be faster then neutralising hand controls.
  • Before using an unfamiliar EWP, an operator must read and understand the operating manual.
  • All occupants of the basket should know what movements the operator intends.
  • EWP emergency planning should include response to possible entrapment.

Further information

  • Manufacturers operating manuals
  • AS2550.10-2006 Safe Use Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • WorkSafe’s website or by contacting customer service on 1300 307 877 or email

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