Safety alert 08/2016 Employee fatality injured after falling from forklift

An employee was fatally injured when the wooden box he was standing in overbalanced and fell on top of him.  The employee had been using the box balanced on the tines of a forklift and raised to a height of two metres to wash the cab of his truck.  The box was not secured in any way to the tines of the forklift.

Contributing factors

  • The forklift operator raised the employee in the wooden box;
  • The wooden box was not secured in any way;
  • The wooden box was not an approved working platform; and
  • The forklift was used outside of its intended use and not in accordance with Australian Standards and Guidance Notes.

Action required

  1. Forklifts should be used only in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and in accordance with guidance contained in operations manuals.
  2. Forklift operators shall operate forklifts and other mobile plant in accordance with training received for plant requiring high risk work licences.
  3. Employers should ensure they are aware of specific information on the capabilities and limitations of forklifts, and ensure that that information is provided to employees.

Further information

Last updated 10 Nov 2016

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