Safety alert 10/2002 - Explosion danger in cutting drums

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A 60-year-old man died when 200-litre drum he was attempting to cut with an angle grinder exploded. The man had marked a cutting line on the drum and left both bungs secured. When the angle grinder penetrated the metal, a spark ignited residual vapours in the drum. Post incident laboratory analysis confirmed the drum had previously contained a flammable substance


  • The drum had previously contained a flammable liquid and the bungs were in place. 
  • No equipment existed at the workplace to gas test the contents of the drum. 
  • The man was dressed in a shirt, shorts, socks and work boots. No evidence of appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment being used was found.


  • The reuse of pesticide or flammable liquid drums should be avoided. 
  • Proper disposal in accordance with the manufacturer or supplier's instructions as provided for in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) should always be followed. 
  • Make sure all drums are properly labelled. 
  • Do not cut any drum that is not labelled and recycled by specialist cleaning company. 
  • Drums, which once contained flammable liquids, are to be handled with extreme care as they may still contain vapours even after many years. 
  • Never attempt to cut or apply heat to drums that have contained flammable liquids or flammable gases.

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