Safety alert 14/2012 - Elevating work platform fatality

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An operator was killed when the jib supporting the bucket of the EWP he was operating failed, causing him to fall approximately 20 metres with the bucket. The EWP was an Italmec model Ital Jib 42N.  The failure occurred between the jib luffing ram attachment points. 

Contributing factors

  • Angle fishplates had been welded to each external corner of the hollow jib section.
  • The failure was located at the end of one of the angle fishplates on the bottom face of the jib.
  • A metallurgical examination indicated the angle fishplate  welding was associated with the failure.

Action required 

  • All Italmec EWPs to undergo radiographic testing of their boom and jib welds.
  • Remove from service any EWP identified as unsafe until all defects have been corrected under the supervision of an engineer.

Further information

Manufacturer, importer or local supplier of the EWP.

Further information can also be obtained from  WorkSafe’s website  or by contacting customer service on 1300 307 877 or email

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