Safety alert 17/2009 - Employee injured while inflating tyre–no warning signs

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In May 2009, an employee at a service station was injured when she attempted to pump air into tyres of a ‘divided wheel’ (split rim) on a hand trolley using the standard air hose.  The employee had received no training for this task.  The trolley tyre exploded causing a laceration to the employee’s hand resulting in a possible 6 months lost time.

Divided wheels or split rims are those wheels in which the rim is in two halves, which are bolted together.  They are most often fitted to wheelbarrows and trolleys used in service stations and retail shops and only hand pump/foot pumps should be used to inflate such pieces of plant.

At the service station where the accident happened there were no warning signs posted next to or near the air hose or tyre inflation point.  Therefore the users were unaware of the dangers of using an air hose on bicycles, wheelbarrows, hand trolleys, footballs, basketballs and other sporting equipment.

Factors to consider

  • The employees had not received training for inflating trolley tyres.
  • Neither a hand pump nor a foot pump had been provided.
  • There were no warning signs posted next to or near the air hose or tyre inflation points.


  • Only use a foot or hand pump to fill the following tyre types:
    • Bicycle;
    • Wheelbarrows;
    • Hand trolleys; 
    • Footballs, basketballs and other sporting equipment.
  • Warning signs should be in place.

Further information

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