Second-hand cot safety material

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This is a range of promotional material showing simple tips to check your second-hand cot is safe for baby. 

Cot safety - poster
Cot safety - poster, by Consumer Protection - Product safety

Cot Safety

Tips to check if your second-hand cot is safe.

  • Be aware of bits that jut out or protrusions that could snag clothing and cause strangulation.
  • Make sure any gaps between slats are wide enough so a child’s arms or legs can move freely, but not wide enough to allow a child’s head to become trapped.
  • Make sure the mattress is firm and fits snugly in the cot so children cannot slip down the side.
  • Make sure you lower the base so the cot sides are high enough to stop your child falling out.


Carefully check that the cot is sturdy and in good condition, with no splintering of wood or exposed sharp edges.

Ensure all screws are tight and all mechanisms are in good working order, including drop side panels and their access fastening device.



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Last updated 29 Apr 2016

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