Settlement industry bulletin issue 45 - CPD reminder (October 2014)

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10 October 2014: CPD reminder

There are less than three months left to obtain your required points! 
The Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) program is part of the licensing framework that requires all settlement agents comply with the requirements of the program as prescribed by the Settlement Agent licensing legislation. 
All licensees with current triennial certificates are reminded to complete the required CPD activities annually in preparation for their triennial certificate renewal. Failing to complete your CPD requirements can result in your triennial certificate not being renewed. 
Do not wait until the final weeks of 2014 to attend CPD. Lack of course availability will not be accepted as a valid reason for not complying. 
A comprehensive list of the core and elective activities approved by Consumer Protection is available on the Consumer Protection website. 
Regional and interstate settlement agents who operate more than 100km from Perth or Busselton can get specific information on our website
If you have any specific queries relating to your CPD obligations, please contact the CPD team directly on (08) 6552 9582 or email:

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