Standard form site-only long-stay agreement

This form is to be used for a residential parks long-stay tenancy.

This long-stay agreement is regulated by the Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006 (the Act).

This long-stay agreement is to lease a site in a residential park and gives you rights to use shared premises in the park.

You must also be provided with a copy of the information booklet on park living approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (the information booklet). This information booklet sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant under the Act.

This long-stay agreement may, in certain limited circumstances set out in the Act, be terminated. The information booklet sets out further information about termination.

If this long-stay agreement is for a fixed term, this long-stay agreement may finish at the end of the term (with no extension).

You may be required to remove the relocatable home at your cost when this long-stay agreement ends. Further information can be found in the information booklet.

Before signing this long-stay agreement you should:

  • seek independent legal, financial or other advice; and
  • read the information booklet; and
  • make sure that any non-standard terms are satisfactory and that you understand how they affect you. (The non-standard terms are set out in a separate part at the end of this long-stay agreement.)

References in this long-stay agreement to sections (for example, s. 32H) are references to relevant sections of the Act.


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