Statutory review of the Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006 DRIS


The recommendations detailed in this paper represent the Department’s final recommendations to Government arising from the statutory review process.

A summary of each of the recommendations detailed in this paper is at Appendix D.

The anticipated outcomes from the legislative reform process are that:

  • there is greater contractual certainty for long-term residents of residential parks and park operators; and
  • the regulatory framework promotes a level, competitive playing field for park operators, which does not unduly interfere with their right to run their business.

It is acknowledged that changes to the legislation will impact on a number of groups, including park operators, park residents, and state and local government.

However, stakeholder feedback on the operation of the RPLT Act suggests that the current mechanisms in place to regulate the tenancy arrangements in residential parks are failing in some areas. Research also suggests that non legislative measures are not effective.

The recommendations respond to these challenges while seeking to minimise the potential cost burden on park operators. For example, by including administrative requirements, such as disclosure, rather than imposing a direct financial cost.

To ensure that the legislation is effectively implemented, a public awareness campaign will be undertaken and adequate time given to park residents and park operators to ensure they can comply with the new requirements.

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