Staying current with RCD legislation: Settlement industry bulletin issue 86

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18 March 2019

New legislation came in November 2018 that agents will need to be aware of as it affects the responsibilities of sellers on whose behalf you may be acting.

All electrical installations in new builds after 1 January 2019 have to comply with new wiring rules. In all residential premises final sub-circuits, including those protecting hard-wired appliances (such as stoves, air-conditioners, etc.), are to be Residual Current Device (RCD) protected.

For existing residences being sold, rented or hired the RCD requirements remain unchanged. In that at least two RCDs must be fitted to protect all power and lighting circuits but the new law does not require RCDs on final sub-circuits.

To ensure you comply with standards of due care and skill, we suggest you give your client a copy of the RCD fact sheet when you obtain or confirm an appointment to act.

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Contact the department’s Building and Energy Division by telephone on 6251 1900 or via email.

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