Toolbox-pre start talks - Small business

A toolbox safety meeting/pre-start talk is a short succinct meeting that can be used as an avenue to convey timely and important safety information to workers and the work team. The session usually lasts about five to ten minutes and can be arranged prior to the workday, before shift work, during a break, or anytime deemed suitable. The message conveyed within the session may include specific job safety instructions, changes in job procedures and work practice, changes in rules and regulations, and any other relevant information.

How to carry out a successful toolbox meeting?

To be effective, the toolbox meeting must convey current safety concerns or information that is relevant to the job. The meeting should add value on how to safely perform the job to participants.

Some suggestions for successful sessions include:

  • plan a meeting and let the intended participants know in advance;
  • prepare supporting materials and have them handy for the sessions;
  • make attendance compulsory;
  • participants must sign a log for each session for record keeping;
  • ask for ideas and feedback from participants;
  • support active participation by listening and responding to their suggestions or let them present their views when appropriate.

Use the toolbox safety meeting/pre-start talk template to record the session and participation.

Last updated 13 Feb 2015

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