Transfer of a debt collector's licence

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Debt collector

Application for Transfer of a Debt Collector's Licence (Form 6) 

Should you require assistance with completing this form please contact Licensing by telephone on 1300 304 064 (within Australia) or email

What do I need to complete an application

To complete the application the following must accompany this form:

  • complete all of the relevant sections of the application form
  • The original licence which is proposed to be transferred.
  • Three (3) business testimonials as to the character of the proposed licensee. Where the proposed licensee is a company, three (3) business testimonials are to be provided for each director. References from subordinates, relatives, partners or co-directors will not be accepted and at least one reference must be from a person external to your current place of employment. Referees should provide as much detail as they are able against the criteria of section 9 of the Act.
  • Original fidelity bond (as per Second Schedule of the Regulations) or approved security (see pro forma bank guarantee) of $6,000 where the proposed licensee is an individual or $10,000 where the proposed licensee is a company. Alternatively, where a fidelity bond or approved security has already been lodged by the existing licensee, an undertaking in writing may be provided by the surety under the bond or security to hold itself liable in respect of the proposed licensee as if the fidelity bond or approved security were lodged in respect of the proposed licensee (provided always that the bond is in the appropriate amount).
  • Written notification of trust account details within 14 days of the account(s) being opened. Please attach to your notification bank documentation detailing the name of the account(s) (ensuring that the title includes the name of licensee), the name and address of the bank where the account is kept and the BSB and account number(s). 

Lodging your application

The application fee/s is payable at the time of lodging this application.

The debt collectors fees and forms page contains details about:

  • relevant fees; and
  • other debt collector forms

The licensing fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • other licensing forms; and 
  • how to contact us.
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