Transfer of management checklist - rental property

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When transferring management of a rental property, the new managing agent should receive the following:

Transfer of rental management checklist
Provided Items to be provided to new manager
  Original residential tenancy agreement
  A copy of the original bond lodgement form
  A copy of the tenant's application to lease form
  Variation of security bond form signed by former agent
  Keys to the property
  Photocopy of keys and security devices held by tenant
  Alarm codes
  Instruction books and warranties for fixtures, fittings and chattels in the property
  Property Condition Report (and inventory if applicable)
  Copies of inspection reports conducted during the course of the tenancy
  Copies of photos of the property from the PCR and/or inspections
  Copies of any certificates of insurance and insurance policies
  List of any outstanding maintenance
  List of any ongoing maintenance or service arrangements (such as pool cleaning, lawn mowing, garden bags, insurance) and contact details for these service providers so that they may be advised
  Any outstanding accounts due for payment by the lessor and/or the tenant
  Copy of tenant ledger card or records showing rent payments and 'paid to' date
  Copies of any current breach or termination notices served on tenant


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