Unhealthy workplace behaviour (eg conflict, bullying) - What you can do about it

If there is bullying or conflict at your workplace, use the following four step process.  Remember support is always available eg talk to a friend, your doctor or an counseller, or an advocate.

Step 1

Talk to the person

  • Tell the person/s what specific behaviours are affecting you and
  • You want the person/s to stop

Step 2

Report it in writing

If the behaviours continue lodge a report with your employer

  • Follow your employer’s procedure (if available)
  • State the behaviours of concern
  • State the effect on yourself including your health
  • State what action you would prefer e.g. mediation, investigation

Step 3

Follow up after two weeks

If you have not received a response from your employer since submitting your report, ask them for an update 

Step 4

Research your external resolution options


Last updated 01 Nov 2017

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