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11 June 2021

Update your employment and contact information online

The department previously introduced an online gateway that allows licensed real estate agents, as well as registered sales representatives and property managers, to review and change some of their contact information.

An enhancement to this gateway will now allow licensees to notify the department of changes to employees listed on the register. Additionally, individual licensees, sales representatives and property managers will also be able to provide their change of employment details to the department via this facility.

An update to the departmental website will provide an access point to the change of employment function. Information will be added to the existing renewal reminders to alert applicable licensees to the new functionality.

More information will be available shortly on our Change contact details for a Consumer Protection licence page.

The department intends to soon provide the functionality for some new industry participants to apply for a licence or certificate of registration online. Online renewals are also planned. Watch this space!

Time to update your details

Do you know it is your responsibility to advise the Commissioner for Consumer Protection about your current employment and contact details? In light of the above news article, it’s a timely reminder for you to ensure your registered details are current.

Changes of employment

Real estate laws require a registered sales representative, including those restricted to property management, to provide the Commissioner with written notice of starting or ending employment in the industry within 14 days of the change happening.

Similarly, licensed real estate agents must provide the Commissioner with written notice within 14 days of starting or ending business as an agent.

Registered sales representatives must also provide written notice of a change of residential address as soon as possible after the change occurs.

Penalties apply if you do not provide the required information

Failure to provide updates of these required details are offences under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978. These offences can result in disciplinary action being taken and penalties being applied, such as a $2,000 for not providing updated contact information.

Updating contact information

You should also update your personal mobile and email contact information. It is best to use your personal contact information as these may not change as often as business contact information. These are the preferred methods that Consumer Protection uses to contact you about certain matters, such as licensing renewal or continuing professional development reminders.

If your details aren’t up to date and you don’t receive reminders for licensing renewals, you run the risk of trading while unlicensed and this may jeopardise your business and result in legal proceedings being taken and penalties being applied.

Need some assistance?

For further information about updating your details, please contact the Licensing branch by phone on 1300 304 064 or email.


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