WA award summary - Clerks (Commercial, Social and Professional Services) Award

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This publication is a summary of the Clerks (Commercial, Social and Professional Services) Award (Clerks CSPS Award).

On 19 December 2023 the Area and Scope clauses of the Clerks CSPS Award were updated to expand the coverage of this WA award to a broader range of clerical employees and their employers. The key change to the coverage of the Clerks CSPS Award is that it is now a broad-based occupational award and applies to all private sector clerical employees who are not currently covered by another WA award.

Visit the Changes to coverage of the Clerks Awards page for information on changes to the Clerks CSPS Award and two other key clerical awards.

To view pay rates for previous years visit the Previous WA award summaries page.

This WA award summary applies to businesses in the state industrial relations system. It covers businesses (and their employees) that operate as:

  • sole traders
  • unincorporated partnerships 
  • unincorporated trust arrangements 
  • incorporated associations and other non-profit bodies (that are not trading or financial corporations)

This summary does not cover businesses and organisations in the national industrial relations system which operate as:

  • Pty Ltd businesses that are trading or financial corporations 
  • incorporated associations and other not-for-profit bodies (that are trading or financial corporations)

If the business or organisation is in the national system visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website www.fairwork.gov.au


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