WA Electrical Requirements (WAER)

Compliance with the WAER is mandatory under Regulation 49 of the Western Australian Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. The WAER should be read with the Electricity Regulations 1947, Part VIII, and the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. Both sets of regulations take precedence.

The document makes frequent references to relevant Australian Standards. As a general rule, nothing in those standards is replicated in the WAER. The reader needs to refer to the quoted Australian Standards.

Failure to comply with a requirement may result in prosecution under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. It may also cause electricity connection delays. 

1 August 2023 marks the beginning of a six-month notice period before compliance with this new version becomes mandatory. The new WAER will apply to all new electrical installation designs commenced after 1 February 2024.

This latest WAER version focusses on technical safety compliance requirements and removes:

  • information on network connection arrangements, which are covered by documentation available from network operators; and
  • matters which appear in other new or revised statutory instruments or technical standards (such as the Wiring Rules).

The key changes in this latest WAER include:

Section 2

  • Replacement of WA Distributions Connections Manual (WADCM) references with WA Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR) – applicable to Western Power and Horizon Power.

Section 3

  • New table included that sets out ownership and responsibilities for each component of service apparatus.

Section 7

  • Expanded scope from only high voltage (HV) installations to large-scale installations that include solar, battery and wind turbine installations which exceed the upper limits (200kVA) covered by Australian Standards.
  • Outlines design requirements, design submissions and certifications for all large-scale installations that must be provided to the Network Operator.
  • Final testing and ‘as commissioned’ certification that must be provided to the Network Operator (for network connections) and installation owner/operator (for network connected and standalone systems).

An amendment to the WAER does not apply retrospectively to electrical installations for which design or construction has commenced or for which building contracts have been signed prior to the date of publication of the amendment.

Further amendments may be necessary from time to time and Industry comments will be sought on any material matters prior to publication.  


Feedback on any aspect of this document is encouraged.  Comments and suggestions may be forwarded at any time, to:
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